Mission Statement

“Our mission is to be the most trusted house buyer in central and southern Virginia. To accomplish this we will always provide fair offers and more solutions than any other investor. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and believe this will separate Home Keys from the competition while establishing a reputation of integrity.”




To operate with Integrity first and foremost. This simply means “Do what you said you would do when you said you would do it”. In application it encompasses being professional, honest, and transparent in your dealings with others.


Results Matter

At the end of the day getting results is the difference between success and failure. We are a “results focused” organization that strives to deliver results to the clients we service.


Relationships Matter

We pride ourselves on being different and getting to know our clients on a personal level. We believe this is crucial in developing a healthy working relationship to accomplish the desired result and create lifelong clients.


Simply Being The Best

We believe you should never settle for anything less. This is fundamental in developing the mentality needed to service our clients and produce results. This standard will drive Home Keys to working harder than anyone else for the clients we serve.


in Central and Southern Virginia

    We are local investors that can buy homes FAST in ANY condition throughout central and southern Virginia. We have extended networks of Investors, Realtors and Contractors to provide each home owner with a variety of ways to sell their house. We are not the typical investor that is interested in stealing your home for pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately many house investors have been given a bad reputation due to predatory practices that exploit homeowners who are in unfortunate circumstances. We take pride in making ONLY FAIR offers and ONLY purchasing houses in WIN / WIN Scenarios.