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Facing Foreclosure?

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FORECLOSURE, not only does it mean the loss of your house, but also the equity you have spent many years accumulating. Even worse, the details of a foreclosure appear on your credit report and you will have problems obtaining credit for years. If you are currently facing foreclosure or behind on payments the alternative is Home Keys. We can act quickly to purchase your house with CASH or immediately reinstate the delinquent debt to stop the foreclosure payment.

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How Are Virginia Mortgages Foreclosed? Virginia is generally known as a title theory state where property title remains in trust until payment in full occurs for the underlying loan. There are judicial and non-judicial foreclosures in the state of Virginia. In a judicial foreclosure a lawsuit is filed to obtain a court order to foreclose. This is used when there is not a power of sale clause in the mortgage deed of trust. The primary method in Virginia is a non-judicial foreclosure which happens when the lender executes the power of sale clause without a court order. In either situation the home will be sold at public auction within a few months after a court order or the execution of the power of sale clause. Time is of the essence and selling your home prior to public auction is essential in protecting your credit and recovering some of your house’s equity. Please do not wait until it’s too late and call a Home Keys Consultant now!