in Central and Southern Virginia

House in Disrepair?

No Problem. We Can Buy Your House in AS IS Condition and Close in Less Than 2 Weeks!

Many people throughout Virginia own homes in need of repair and upgrades. Unfortunately the cost of repairs and upgrades can be expensive leaving home owners with a big problem. We have a wide network of contractors that can repair or renovate ANY HOUSE IN ANY CONDITION. Even if a house has been condemned we have the experience and knowledge to handle the situation.

Owning an old or outdated house can be a nightmare. The burden of costly repairs can put a family without money in a no win situation. Selling the home becomes a challenge when funds are not available for essential repairs. Home Keys specializes in buying houses in need of repair or even a house in need of a serious renovation. Our access to professional contractors allows us to renovate and repair houses below market rates. This creates value in the house and can be the perfect solution for a seller lacking the finances or expertise to handle the repairs.