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Considering or In Bankruptcy

Let Us Try and Help. By Buying Your House You may have the Financial Resources to Settle Your Debts and Avoid Bankruptcy?

bankruptcyBankruptcy is a legal process governed by federal law and is conducted by the Federal Bankruptcy Court. The primary purpose of a bankruptcy is to give the debtor a clean start by paying off debts, restructuring debts or having the debts discharged. Going through a bankruptcy can lead to the selling of your house by a trustee, lender, or by the homeowner. If you are going through a bankruptcy and would like to sell your house call Home Keys today for your FREE NO OBLIGATION OFFER to buy your house with CASH.

In some cases it may be wise to sell your house so that you can pay off creditors and delinquent debts. Selling your house with a local broker may not be the best option given it can take months or longer to sell a house the traditional way. Home Keys can make you a FAIR CASH OFFER and close on your house in less than 2 weeks. If you are in bankruptcy and need to sell your house call Home Keys today!