in Central and Southern Virginia

Inherit a Home?

Home Keys Can Eliminate The Headache By Purchasing The House AS-IS with CASH.

If you have just inherited a house it can be a stressful event. You may live out of town and do not have the time or resources to fix up the house. It can also be exhausting and expensive to maintain a vacant house. Home Keys can eliminate the headache by simply purchasing the house AS-IS with CASH. Simply call a real-estate consultant Contact Us and receive a FREE NO OBLIGATION OFFER. This could not only eliminate the stress, but also save you money and time.

People inherit houses across central and southern Virginia every day. It is a huge challenge to manage a properties affairs including: taxes, mortgage payments, HOA dues, utility bills, and maintenance expenses. This is especially difficult if you are an out of state owner who inherited a house. These houses can be in disrepair and listing the house on the market may not attract the right buyers. It is typically investors who are interested in houses in need of repair or updates.

Home Keys has a wide network of contractors that can repair ANY HOUSE in ANY CONDITION. Home Keys will have a consultant evaluate the house and provide you with multiple solutions to SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST. In some cases in may be best to sell the house with a Realtor. If that’s the case Home Keys has a network of professional Realtors that can sell your house fast and eliminate the headache!