in Central and Southern Virginia

Lose Your Job?

It’s Ok. We Can Buy Your House with Cash and Close in 2 Weeks!

People in southern and central Virginia lose their jobs every day. It can be a life changing event for people and their families. In many cases you cannot afford your house along with necessary life expenses. This can put families in central and southern Virginia in a terrible situation.

Losing a job reduces or eliminates household income and homeowners cannot afford their mortgage payments. This adds more stress into an already tough situation by potentially losing your house to foreclosure. Home Keys can offer relief by making a FAIR CASH OFFER to BUY YOUR HOUSE.

This will allow you to sell your house fast and focus on your relocation and family.

We make fair offers and only buy houses in win/win situations. Call Home Keys now and receive your NO OBLIGATION FREE OFFER! If you have time to list your house we can contact a Realtor to sell your house and sell it fast. This could be more beneficial to you in certain situations. Our real estate consultants will help you determine the right solution and help you and your family transition through these tough times.