in Central and Southern Virginia

Delinquent Taxes?

We Can Buy Your House to Prevent the Tax Deed Sale!

Many property owners in central and southern Virginia currently have unpaid tax liens recorded against their property. Real property tax liens are placed against properties by local city and county taxing authorities when property owners fail to make their tax payments. This results in the local tax collector placing a tax lien against the property in the amount of the delinquent taxes plus interest and penalties.  If the tax lien is not soon paid the tax collector will foreclose on the property and sell the house at a tax deed sale. Do not let this happen and call Home Keys now to prevent the tax deed sale!

In some cases homeowners simply cannot afford to pay their taxes and will need to sell their house to avoid foreclosure. Delinquent taxes can arise from county, city, state and even federal unpaid taxes. In every case time is of the essence to avoid the taxing authorities selling your house at a tax deed sale. If the tax lien is not paid, usually within a 2 year period after the first default, the tax collector then forecloses and sells the property. Home Keys can make a CASH OFFER to buy your house and close within 2 weeks! Do not wait until the last minute and call Home Keys today. Contact Us.