in Central and Southern Virginia

Tired of Being a Landlord?

Home Keys Can Buy Your House While Tenant Occupied and Handle the Eviction Process!

Do the late night calls about the leaky toilet annoy you? How many times have you visited your rental property in the past month? Being a landlord in Virginia is hard work and can get old fast. In some cases landlords experience hold over tenants and have to deal with the eviction process. This can be a nightmare and worse is the house’s condition after the tenant leaves! Home Keys will buy any house in any condition including houses with hold over tenants! In some cases people inherit rental properties that have not been maintained or the tenants have destroyed the house. This leaves the landlord with an ugly house that is not likely to attract conventional buyers. In most cases it is investors that have the resources and expertise to take on the project. Home Keys will buy your house with CASH and close in less than 2 weeks. This will eliminate the headache and allow you to move on with your life! Call Home Keys today to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.


Whether you are a seasoned pro or you’ve become a landlord accidentally, you will likely agree that it is no walk in the park! It’s hard work to manage a rental property without the expertise or not having the time to manage the property affairs. Home Keys buys rental properties across central and southern Virginia. Whether the house is in good or bad condition we would like to hear about the opportunity. Contact Home Keys today and receive a fair offer to purchase your rental property with CASH!